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Write Your World: Answered Prayers

It happened today. It happened again for the first time in months. I really thought I’d gotten past it, but it’s always when I think that, when I let my guard down, that it happens. I’m beginning to learn to NEVER let my guard down, no matter how much better things may seem to have gotten. Of course, you have no idea what I am talking about, and why would you? Unless you know me really well, you wouldn’t, and even then it’s highly unlikely. And even if you do know me well, you are most likely a newer friend, and therefore don’t know these things. Anywho, the thing of which I speak, the thing that is the reason I never graduated high school, is really not something with a specific name.

I used to wake up daily with a deep down, not explainable fear. It was a fear of going to school. The fear took hold of me halfway through my sophmore year of high school and kept its grip all the way through my second attempt at my senior year (also known as being a super senior). It then gripped me any time I attempted to get a job, and I’m not confident enough in that area yet that I will attempt it again just yet. It then took hold when I wanted to get my GED. It took me four years to take tests that took me a matter of two days. Tests that I aced. Tests that set me free. Then, when I started college again in the Fall, it grabbed me yet again. I fought through it and came out of my class with an A. I was determined that this term would be better, and then things got all messed up. The school posted the wrong book for one of my classes and I began to grow frustrated and confused. I don’t really want to go into the spiritual details of my night last night, but I will sum it up with one simple word. It was horrible. And of course, who wants to get up at seven in the morning? I’d say that probably ninety percent of us don’t. I woke up this  morning at seven and I was gripped with my old friend, fear. I call it a friend merely because I spent more time with it over the years than I did with even my closest of friends. It took me fifteen minutes to get up and get ready. I was somehow out the door earlier, though. I think it was my need to run, to get out of here before I had a chance to look back. I did it, though. I proved to myself, yet again, that I AM stronger than it.

I drove through Dutch Bros and grabbed myself a large coffee (I figured four shots of caffeine should get me moving!). My day was mediocre until the end of my first class when I ran into friends. I spoke with a few different people and my day perked up. In fact, my day since then has been pretty  much amazing.

Funny thing: My mom gets home at lunch, having known how hard my day started, and I tell her what happened. She told me she had been praying all morning for me and had hoped that I would run into some Christian friends. I told her that it was funny she should say that, because I had, in fact, only ran into Christian friends. My Facebook status reads “I saw/spoke to a handful of friends today at school and it made my day. My day started out a little on the bad side, but hugs from (friend’s name), (friend’s name), and (friend’s name) plus a short chat with (friend’s name) turned my day around completely. I’m all happy now! I am also thankful for the little surprises God throws into our days. He knew I was having a rough day, and He threw wonderful, Godly people into my path to reignite and remind me of His joy! God is good just doesn’t really seem to cover it..God is AMAZING! ♥ ” Yeah, totally tells me that my mom’s prayer was quite specifically answered!

So, even though my day is only half over, I felt the need to blog this. I also realize that half of this is referring to things that happened before today, but I don’t care. My Write Your Worlds are pretty much breaking the rules entirely, but hey, it keeps me writing. It has become my journal so to speak, and I NEED that in my life. So, thank you Kt for suggesting such a challenge, even though I am butchering it. Hugs to my TC family and all of my friends that made my day today, you know who you are! And of course hugs to everyone else, too, because I’m in a hugging mood! ❤


Write Your World: When Plot Bunnies Attack

So today has been very uneventful, but I would like to state that I AM NOT COMPLAINING, considering what happened last time I said that. I suppose a fairly boring day was good, considering that I am not feeling the greatest. It gave me time to rest. It also gave me time to sort of get started on a story outline. A new friend gave me a plot idea on Friday night, without even meaning to, and now those darn bunnies are attacking me! It’s okay, though, because I’m actually super excited to get started on writing this story. I just need to get it all figured out, and then get going! Or I could just go with my usual NaNoWriMo plan and just wing it…still deciding on that.

I think this new idea might be one that I post weekly as a chapter here on my blog, but I’m only about ninety percent sure at the moment. I’ll also have to figure out length and all of that, but my brain hurts too much right now to think about that. I don’t want to do anything that will make me less excited about actually going into a story with a vague idea of what is going on, because that hasn’t happened since at least middle school!

I had also planned to make this a day of watching movies or catching up on my DVR, as that only seems appropriate on a day when I’m sick. That didn’t happen. Mom took the computer to do taxes at 2:40. I pulled out a notebook and started plotting a little bit. By about 3:00 I was laying down on the couch, going in and out of sleep. At around 4:00 I actually covered myself, because being freezing cold was preventing a full on nap from happening (well, that plus the fact that I was trying to fit all of myself on only one of the couch cushions), and I was out. Around 5:00 my mom woke me up with speak of my California trip next month, and I decided to stay up for two reasons: I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I kept napping and I would also not get anymore writing done. I doubt I’ll get anywhere near my goal for the day, but hey, every little bit counts!!

So now I am sitting here with a plot trying to gnaw a whole through my brain, but not enough energy to actually work on the project. Oh the woes of being a writer. They are worth it, though. In fact, I even look forward to my first rejection letter, believe it or not. I know that I have sent myself off on a bit of a tangent, but really now. That first rejection will be framed and someday I will put my first acceptance letter right next to it. It will be a milestone in my life! It will show that I kept plucking away no matter what someone else thought. It will show determination. It will show that I have finally become not only the writer that I want to be, but the person also. And with that, I bid you a good night!


Write Your World: Promises and Fulfillment

So, yet again, I am posting two Write Your Worlds in one day because being tired got in my way. I was on the go almost all day yesterday, though, to be fair. I was gone all afternoon and didn’t get home until around 8:30pm, at which time I was exhausted for some reason. So, anyway, here is a recap, so to speak, of yesterday.

Yesterday was pretty much a fantastic day when it comes down to it. It took some time to get out of bed, but once I got up I was dressed and ready to get going in no time. It was time for my third Christmas! Yep, Christmas in January! Normally, we go to my sister’s house on Christmas day to do gifts and visit and such, but this year they were in North Carolina visiting my nephew, niece in law, and great nephew, so our tradition had to be put off for a little while. I was bummed at first, but having a Christmas almost two weeks after Christmas ended turned out to be great fun!

I hadn’t seen them since my healing and all of the changes had taken place, and I was nervous. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time together, and I had always been shy. I never spent much time contributing to the conversations and I hated it, but I didn’t know how to change it. I didn’t grow up with my sister, because of age difference, and so we don’t have the relationship you picture when you think of sisters. I DESIRE that kind of relationship with her, though. Now that I am older, it is much easier to attain such a thing. I feel like yesterday was a great first step in that direction. I have come out of the shell that prevented more bonding to happen, and I hope that this will be the thing that changes it all. Now I can put myself out there, rather than just sitting around waiting for someone else to involve me. I didn’t realize it before, but it’s a lot of work to try to get someone someone else involved when they are so caught up in their shell.

So, that was a great thing that happened yesterday! Actually, this was the best thing that happened yesterday. I prayed recently that God would come in and touch our relationship and make it what it was meant to be, that we could grow closer. I fully believe that this prayer is being answered! Praise the Lord!!

After that was almost dinner time, so Mom and I had some dinner and visited. It was nice to just relax and talk and such. It was a lovely time, and I knew that it was just going to continue. After dinner would be the evening service at a new church we’ve recently started visiting.

We headed to Dutch Bros to grab me some coffee and then we were off to church! It was a lovely service. I scrambled like a mad person to keep up with my notes, but I missed some of it. I still got a page and a half of notes to do some studying on, though, and I’m happy with that.

My eyes started to get droopy, though, toward the end of the service. In fact, it is happening again right now. I think I’m sick… So, that was my day yesterday, more or less. Promises and Fulfillment was what the sermon was on. Right now I am promising myself some rest!

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Write Your World: Predicting the Future

So, the most exciting part of my Fridays doesn’t take place until 7:3o and then usually goes until around midnight, so if I want to get in my Write Your World for the day I will have to write it before any of that happens. So, I will somewhat predict the future, and then tomorrow you can know for sure what all happened. Sound good? Good!

I should start with the parts of my day that HAVE happened, though, and then we’ll lead up to the rest. My day started a little earlier than usual, because I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed, the need to organize nagging at me! I had started organizing the bookshelves last night, but got worn out pretty quickly considering I didn’t start until after 11pm. So this morning I turned the coffee on (which I somehow forgot to drink until three hours later), and got started! We have an ENTIRE tub of books that I am donating and selling and all of the books now fit on the shelves! Granted, once my 2012 reading list needs a home on January 1st, things will have to be reevaluated again….but I will not let that rain on my parade right now! I can’t help but say, “Thank goodness I have a Kindle now.” We have no more room for books, but I can’t just stop buying them! So, ta-da: solution! Seeing the fact that I have OCD, I should add that the books are put on the shelves by genre and author within the genre. The biggest genre collection I have? Christian Non-Fiction! The top three authors I own the most books by? Richelle Mead, Cassandra Clare, and Elizabeth George (in that order). Debbie Macomber could easily tie, if not beat, Elizabeth George, but only two or three of those are actually mine. The rest belong to my mom technically. Actually, J.K. Rowling ties with them, also, I believe…Anyway, let’s move on!

That was one check on my To Do list of ten things. Lesson for the day? Do not put ten things on a To Do list when each one will take hours to accomplish. Ten three hour tasks somehow don’t fit into a twenty four hour day! The next thing I wanted to check off was organizing my movies. Yes, there is a pattern here. The first six things on my list are organizational tasks. So, now I have organized those (by genre, of course!), and have a small stack (about 8 inches high) of movies to get rid of. Check mark two!

Then I decided to get my most dreaded task out of the way: organizing my notebooks. Now, for a NORMAL person, this wouldn’t be a big deal. For a girl that has (estimating) fifteen notebooks, it takes some time. Here is my issue: I sort of collect notebooks and journals. I get one, write a few pages in it, and then forget I have it. So of COURSE I then have to buy a new one. This continues on and on. And then I find an old one and feel I can no longer write in it, so on and so forth. Point is, I ended up with a HUGE stack of notebooks, most of which barely had anything in them. Now, the only one that still has anything in it is the notebook I used in my senior Creative Writing class, because it is huge and pretty much full. The rest of the pages that I wanted to keep have been removed from the notebooks and stacked (by category of course) to be put into a binder. I knew I wrote a lot of poetry, but even I was surprised at how much I had when it was all in a stack! So, there is check three! Organizing school supplies and knitting projects shouldn’t take TOO long, so they will be done last. I also have to finish cleaning/organizing my room, but that will probably happen tomorrow.

Write now I am checking off my fourth item by doing this! Then I plan to do my Bible Study blog at some point (hopefully) and I am majorly hoping that, by some miracle, I can hit three thousand words written today. If I can, that will be six things checked off!!

So, that is my day up to now. Now to fast forward to the rest of my day. Most likely nothing exciting will happen over the next three hours, but then at 7:30 I will go to College Group and it will be amazing! I can say this with certainty, because it always is. Today is my five week anniversary of healing, which took place at College Group on December 2, 2011. So, tonight I will be worshiping, dancing, and laughing with my amazing group of Christian friends that God has blessed me with! I will also be drinking Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea. When you put all of that together, you know it will be a great time! I honestly can’t put into words the excitement I feel over this! Being so consumed by God’s Presence is something I look forward to each week. Obviously I don’t have to be at College Group for this to happen, but He is always SO clearly and heavily there! It fuels me to get through the next week. Praise the Lord and Happy Weekend to you all! If I don’t see you before then, I will see you tomorrow!!

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Write Your World: What If…

What if I died? I would dance around in all of the confetti! What if all of your hair fell out and you went bald? I would have to find a magic top hat! What if….

Okay, I imagine that I sound quite random right now, and that’s because I AM being random…to a degree. “What if…” is a game that I had never heard of before! We played it today at a joint birthday party for two of my close friends. We had so much fun that we played like five rounds or so of it! Those two were two of the ones that ended up happening in the span of craziness.

So, this is how you play: You sit in a circle and each person gets a piece of paper and pen or pencil. You write down a question and pass it to your left or right. The person there then writes down an answer to your question. Then you go in a circle, reading like this: First person says their question, then the next person reads their answer, followed by their question, and then the next person answers with their answer. This goes on around the entire circle. So, you are answering out loud to a question you didn’t know exist. So, for example: I answered “I would have to find a magic top hat” to the question “What if you turned into a snowman?” But then I had to answer out loud to the person before me’s question, which in that case was “What if all of your hair fell out and you went bald?” It was great fun and caused lots of giggles to erupt around the room!

Before playing that, we played Guesstures. I had never played before, and I had a ton of fun! I have played charades before, and basically that is what it is, but with teams and four things at a time (the cards slowly get sucked in if you don’t get your team to guess fast enough!). I am pretty awful at that game, but I still had a great time playing. Our team won: 73 to 48!! Let me tell you, acting out toast may SOUND easy, but it is anything but!

Before Guesstures we played a game with M&Ms and Skittles where each color and type represented one of the birthday girls and something about them that we had to say. That was a bit tough with sixteen girls there! All of the good answers were taken pretty quickly! As soon as we finished one, we got to eat it. Mmm chocolate.

We also simultaneously played the “Don’t say birthday or present” game, which I was doing well at in the beginning. I had three pins and the only person beating me was one of the birthday girl’s little sisters. Then I said “Birthday girls” and she caught me. That got her up to eight, at which point there was no stopping her! We were also playing the “guess which candy I am based on the tag on my back” game, but most of us didn’t really ask many question. I was a candy cane! Fittingly, I am wearing a pink and white striped sweater today, which turned out to be why they gave me that one.

So now I sit blogging, chatting, and watching Charmed while I wait for the new episodes of Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle (squeee!!). It has been quite the lovely day.

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Book Review: Killer by Sara Shephard

My first book of the year was “Killer” by Sara Shephard. For those of you that don’t know, it is book number six in the Pretty Little Liars series. It was most definitely one of my favorites of the series. It had me on my toes around every single corner! I had to make sure that every time I picked it up, I had plenty of time to read, because I wouldn’t be putting it back down for a while!

Now, to throw out there for anyone that watches the show but doesn’t read the books, they are two very different things! Yes, they both have the same basic concept behind them, but the characters are SO different! For instance, I am really loving Mike on the show right now, where I would kind of like to punch the book version. So if you like the show, check out the books. There are some things that could be spoiled, but even with spoilers, I am still thoroughly enjoying both!

This book involved SO much romantic drama, and I think that might be what made it one of my favorites. There were a few “oh my gosh!” moments in areas that barely involved “A” at all. In fact, “A” didn’t pop up as much in this book as she/he does in the others, at least it didn’t seem like it to me. When they did make themselves known, though, the made sure it was worth it. “A” went for broke in this book, still shocking me even six books in.

I highly recommend this book (after the first five, of course). I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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Write Your World: Falling Behind

So, I’m going to cheat right now. I really hope that you are okay with that, because I’m doing it. I didn’t get a chance to WYW yesterday, because I was super busy and passed out around 8pm. Yeah, 8pm…not sure how that happened. Anywho, here is my WYW for yesterday, because I don’t want to miss a single day!

Yesterday I actually got out and did stuff, which was exciting. Although, realizing that I am busy every single day up until Monday, the day school starts, is a bit unnerving. Oh well, busy can be good. Busy gives me Write Your World material.

So, yesterday was my good friend’s 19th birthday and she really wanted to go see Tin Tin. Now, today we are having a joint birthday party for her and another good friend of mine, but hey, this way they both got to celebrate two days in a row!

So at 2:3o we all met over at her house where we were to carpool from. I get there and she isn’t home, but her mom is along with a room full of homeschoolers learning biology. She invited me to come in and join them, but I passed. Biology…ah, that was eight and a half years ago for me. And now, I feel old.

They arrived home with supplies for their party that is happening today, which at least made it clear to me that it was not a surprise party. I had a fear that I would spill the beans, and knowing that wasn’t possible, was a huge relief.

There were five of us girls and two boys, each one a brother of one of the birthday girls. We rode up in a van, which was honestly just as fun as the movie. I find car rides with friends to be very amusing most of the time, and this was certainly one of those times. Hearing a friend say from behind me, while watching a video of another friend in the car singing, “You sound like a cow,” was priceless. It’s really not a sentence you hear often, if at all. I laughed so hard!

We arrived at the theater about thirty minutes early and ran to Target, because as my friend said, “It’s my birthday.” We heard that one quite a few times that day! So the rest of us grabbed food or icees while we waited, and then headed back to the theater. We missed an advertisement or two, but thankfully none of the movie. There were some really good advertisements, but sadly I only remember one – Madagascar 3. It looks hilarious! “Circus, afro, circus, afro.” ahaha. Oh dear.

The movie was great, we all spent a good portion of it cracking up. I especially loved Snowy, his adorable doggy companion. It was a great time of just chilling and not having to think about anything. I haven’t seen a cartoon in the theater in a looong time, so that was great!

After the movie, we headed back home. Sadly, the birthday girl had work that night. It was all good, though, because for some weird reason, I was exhausted. I was home less than two hours before I proceeded to pass out a little after 8pm. I guess I needed the sleep or something.. So yesterday was great fun. It was exciting without TOO much excitement. I expect today will be the same, but you’ll have to wait for my Write Your World post later!

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Write Your World: Unpleasant Surprises

As I slept, nightmares consumed my mind, that is, until the loud screaming of the phone woke me from what I would later consider a pleasant sleep. My eyes slowly opened, not unused to being awakened by the phone. I stayed in my spot on the couch, curled up in my blanket, prepared to fall right back asleep as soon as whoever was calling left their message. That, however, was apparently not what fate had in mind for me. As I listened to the message my heart sank, and I shot straight up. I ran to the phone, but it was too late; the caller had hung up.

I grabbed the phone and dialed back to my mom’s boss immediately. She tried to sound calm and as if everything were fine, but no matter what she said and no matter what the case was, everything was certainly not fine. The paramedics were at her job, getting ready to take her to the emergency room. No matter how “minor” things may seem, I had been to this place before, and I was not in a hurry to be back there. It seemed, however, that I had no choice.

This is where a slightly funny twist comes into the story. So, I am aware that my mom prefers the emergency room at the hospital about twenty minutes from here, but seeing as she wouldn’t have chosen to call an ambulance in the first place, I figured she would have no say. I didn’t even know at that time whether she was conscious or not.

So, I drove to the hospital here in our town and walked into the emergency room as quickly as humanly possible. The doors are really weird, I’m guessing a security precaution, where one opens one way automatically and then the next one opens the other way (as in, I kept walking straight and almost right into the side that DIDN’T open). The lady at the desk pointed at the right side and I went in, straight up to her, and asked about my mom. It had taken a few minutes to throw clothes on and grab a book and my Bible, so I figured she would have beat me there. The lady said something along the lines of, “She isn’t here, give me five minutes.” Well, she was looking at her little book thing at the time, and so I assumed she meant that my mom hadn’t been entered in yet, not that she literally wasn’t in their hospital. After thirty minutes had passed, I began freaking. I was literally shaking, and the fact that the lady kept looking over at me wasn’t helping at all. Finally she told me that my mom still wasn’t there, that she wasn’t on record as having been brought in, and could she be somewhere else. I told her that my mom could be at the other hospital and then dialed 411. Well, I really should register a complaint about that, because they sent me to a number that ran about fifteen times before I hung up. I remembered that I have a smart phone, which means that I could find the hospital number WITHOUT 411 (yes, I was frazzled and had completely spaced that fact). So I called the number, spoke to a lady in the main part of the hospital that was kind of rude, and then got transferred to an emergency room nurse that informed me that my mom was in fact there. I said I was on my way, and out I went.

Things were just going against me today, though, and my starter didn’t want to budge. It took a few minutes of trying, praying, coaxing Cordy (that is my car’s name), and crying out in frustration, before she finally started. Now, I don’t ever speed. Seriously, if anything, I go UNDER the speed limit. Today, though, I would have sped, but there was always a car ahead of me going under the posted speed. I was quite frustrated with this, but I realize now that it was probably for the best – I didn’t need to land in the emergency room, too, or get a ticket that would add on top of a third emergency room bill in three years (one of which was mine).

I pulled up, parked, and rushed in; yet again moving as fast as humanly possible. The lady at the counter was super nice and sent me right back to my mom. They didn’t know what was wrong at the time that I arrived, and so about an hour later they did an MRI to test for the possibility of a stroke. I ran to the cafè to grab some coffee and a bagel, and then rushed back to the room they had my mom in to wait for them to get back. This gave me great opportunity to read my book, which was great, because I need to finish it! She got back soon after, and then the waiting game began. Luckily, this hospital knows how to treat patients (for the most part) and had the results in no time. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her, so they’re assuming that she is just still recovering from her bronchitis or something.

Now, that would seem like the end of the story, but really, in a way it was just the beginning. They gave my mom Ativan before the MRI because she is claustrophobic. Well, if you aren’t aware of what that is (I wasn’t), it’s a tranquilizer of sorts. It was to calm my mom’s nerves a little. Problem for her is, it didn’t calm her nerves until AFTER the MRI was over. And then, more than calming her nerves, it made her extremely confused and…well….odd.

Now, I am twenty two, and I have matured a lot recently, but I’m still getting used to when I have to take care of other people. It’s not even that it was much work, because mostly my mom slept all day. Here’s the thing, though, I felt SUPER stressed, and I didn’t know why. Now I feel like I’m under a spiritual attack, that perhaps both of us are. My grandma had Alzheimer’s and seeing my mom acting like she did, too, was more than I could handle. I didn’t even know how to process stress anymore, as things had been basically stress free in life up until today. When my cat knocked my mom’s barely touched potato soup (that at the time she thought she had finished, and later didn’t even remember) on the floor, I felt like the last straw broke. I nearly threw both her dish and mine into the sink, but somehow restrained myself.

Anyway, she said a lot of things that she doesn’t remember now. None of it was bad, it was just wacky, and had me really scared. And the problem was that my mom is the one I talk to when I’m scared and hurting, but I couldn’t this time. I seriously went through all of my contacts trying to think of who to talk to, but I realized that I didn’t know how to put what I was feeling into words, so I just didn’t bother.

I’m still scared, as I sit here typing and she sleeps across the room in the chair. I don’t know what is to come in the future, and it terrifies me. I know God has plans for me, and that I can trust in Him no matter what, but right now that just isn’t bringing me comfort. I need my mom. I need her here with me, for a long time, and I constantly think “what if I lose her?” Today I was terrified, as I drove unaware of what was going on, that this could be it. Now the tears want to come, but my inability to cry is getting in the way (to anyone that hates crying, trust me, it’s much better than NEVER being able to cry at all).

So, yesterday I sort of complained that I had nothing to say in my WYW (Write Your World). Now I know to be careful what I wish for, because I would rather have a boring day that involved no exciting events to write about than another day like this one.

So, that was my world today. Sorry it was so long!


Write Your World: When Shampoo Is Your Excitement

Yes, that title was most definitely read correctly, and I am quite aware at how odd it is. Writing my world isn’t exactly easy on a day where I didn’t leave the house and nothing exciting has happened, however I must push forward and try!

I should probably start by explaining the title. Basically it boils down to this: the one thing (other than the return of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game tonight) that has me exciting today is that I just tried out my new shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that is, but it’s just the truth. I was also quite excited to use my new facial scrub and moisturizer. Sometimes I am SUCH a girl!

So, now I sit watching Mamma Mia with my mom, and it has me thinking. This girl has THREE dads and they are all pretty much awesome. How cool is that? Now, I can understand that growing up not knowing who your father is would be horrible in most situations, but I also know that in some situations it may not be the worst thing. I love my dad, but he infuriates me to no end quite often. So, I sort of threw myself into story mode.

What if I could trade with Sophie? What if I could take those three dads and she could have mine? How much different would my life have turned out if that had been the case? I also can’t help but wish that my life could be a musical. How awesome would it be if every time we had something important to say, or heck, even completely unimportant stuff to say, you could just burst into song? Yeah, I’m a strange one, but you have to admit that it would be cool! If you say that you don’t think so, then I think that you are lying.

That thought brought me to another thought, though, and that one makes me smile. I DO have 3 dads. Actually, I have quite a few more than that. I have my father, the man that I was born to. I have my Heavenly Father. I have all of my surrogate dads from my church. I HAVE been blessed with a large amount of fathers, and I feel so lucky! I have also been blessed with a number of brothers, from my blood related brother to all of my best male friends that are like brothers to me.

So, I bet you wouldn’t have thought that I could write an entire post about how Mamma Mia can relate to my life. I didn’t think that I could either, especially considering that it’s a movie that I rarely ever watch. Somehow, though, I made it work! I have to admit, I’m feeling quite creative right now. Yes, I know that that wasn’t really all that creative, but let me have my moment, okay? Thank you.

Now I am still quite short of my daily word count goal, and I am very nervous about starting a new project. I finished my 2011 NaNovel yesterday and that means that it is time to write my story to submit in January for Write 1 Sub 1. What have I gotten myself into?

To all my fellow crazy writing friends, good luck!!

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