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Write Your World: He’s My Daddy

So tonight I went to my church’s youth group to check out whether God wants to put me in position there as somewhat of a leader. I went to interact with the kids and my friends that lead it, and see whether it was something I could see myself helping with or not. I expected to get something out of it as far as a relationship with the kids there and a sense of direction from our Lord. I didn’t, however, expect that the Lord would speak through one of my best friends tonight about what He has planned for my life.

My friend Andy quoted Ephesians 2:6, “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the Heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.” He wanted to explain to us that we are in Heaven, of Heaven, surrounded by Heaven. He also wanted to explain to us that God is not just this Heavenly Father that sits up there in Heaven waiting until we die to spend time with us. I think a lot of us realize that God is with us at all times, but we just don’t stop and think about what that really means. God LOVES us! I mean, would you go and endure being tortured, humiliated, and ultimately killed for someone that you didn’t love totally and completely? I’m going to bet that your answer is no, and even if you did love them, your Earthly love is most likely not enough. God’s love for us breaks out of the mold that our love is in, that our hearts are capable of. Take the person you love the most and just bask in your love for them for a moment, imagining how amazing it is. Got it? Good, now realize that that love is nothing compared to God’s love for us! For you!!

Okay, wow, I have gotten off on one of my tangents again. I will attempt to reign it in, but admit it, that’s part of why you love reading my posts. Am I right?

SO, God loves spending time with us. He loves being real with us. I loved the example that Andy used of Jesus just playing a game on the Wii with us, wanting us to forget our stresses and just enjoy spending time with him! Imagine if your Earthly father did that. It would probably mean the world to you! Maybe some of you have that already, and I bet that it’s special to you that your dad cares that much. Some of us don’t have that relationship with our dad’s today, but I do remember the times that my dad would just hang out with me and play baseball or watch a movie. Those times with him meant everything today, and I cling onto the hope that we will once again have that one day. That those times we spent dancing in the living room will one day be spent out on the dance floor at my wedding. Now, as I said, that time with your dad was probably pretty special, right? Now you have to imagine that it’s our Dad, our Heavenly Father, stepping in and dancing with us or playing games with us. How amazing does that make you feel that He desires such a relationship? I know that I really can’t even fathom a love like that.

Now, my point here was not to explain to you all what my wonderful friend explained to the high schoolers tonight, even though it is worth repeating! I wanted to share something that was brought to my mind when his lovely wife spoke into my life. We all received visions for one another, and she received one for me, even though I wasn’t her partner. (I love that girl!) She saw my books in a library one day, and I can’t explain the joy that brought me. It reminded me of the short clips that God has revealed to me of what is to come over the next few years of my life. He showed me a bookshelf with books authored by me on them, along with other visions that related to my writing. He showed me playing guitar and singing for my children. He showed me getting married (but of course he didn’t show me the groom!). He showed me everything I have dreamed of and more. It was in a moment after getting home tonight, thinking about these things, that I realized that God’s dreams for my life were my dreams too. Now, getting married, having kids, and learning to play an instrument might not seem like huge things. In fact, they are all things that I can learn or make happen to some degree. The fact, though, that they are my dream and that God wants to make it happen is the point. Becoming a well known author isn’t quite as easy as my other dreams, and in fact is not a journey I expect will be anything but trying. I know, though, that in the end I will reach my dream. The one thing, the one dream, that I have retained my entire life has been writing. The one thing that has been a constant in my life, that has gotten me through hard times, and is what I love to do is what God loves me to do! God loves me so much that He wants to make my dreams come true. It’s not often that someone offers to help you make your dreams become a reality without strings attached, but He has no strings. He wants to see me happy! He has aligned my dreams and His dreams to be one, and that is totally mind blowing!!

I thought getting these emotions out into my blog would be easier than this, but I am just so overwhelmed that I can’t really seem to word it quite right. The best I can do is this: From the moment that I was old enough to write, God has put on my heart a desire to write. He has given me a talent (to some degree, not trying to be cocky here!) to write. He has given me the desire to IMPROVE my talent. I know that this is usually used to explain a difficult situation, but it seems fitting here. If God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it. He brought me to the desire to one day become a known author, and now He has promised me that my dream will come true. God is going to make MY dream come true! I don’t deserve that by any means, but He loves me enough to give it to me. And I firmly believe that He loves the world enough to one day speak through my writing.

What is your dream; your greatest desire? If it is from and of God, you better gear up, because you are going to be in for one heck of a ride. God doesn’t break promises.

See ya on the best sellers list ­čśë

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Write Your World: Divine Visitation

Hi there! I haven’t been keeping up on my blog at all like I should be, and I actually have a LOT that has been going on that I should post about, but for now I am just going to share a dream that I had last night that sort of rocked my world. I have had one “Heavenly dream” once before, where I knew I was in the presence of our Lord beyond just my┬ásubconscious. Last night I was in the present of one of His angels, and despite the fact that it was technically in a dream, I know that she actually came to me. It was something I could/can feel in my heart.

So, here it goes!

I suddenly found myself in a mall with an endless amount of levels to it, connected by escalators. Now, I have no idea why it was in a mall, because while I DO enjoy shopping, I wouldn’t say I’m THAT into it. But hey, God works in mysterious ways, right? So anyway, I see all of my friends, and they are all coupled up. There are a bunch of other couples there, too, that I’ve never met. Everyone is smiling and chatting away. I stand there for a moment, extremely confused, before I notice there is a “Customer Service” type table with this beautiful lady that looks like a cross between an old fashioned flight attendant and someone from the 20’s. She’s smiling at me with a knowing look on her face, and so I walk up to her and ask what is going on. She motions around to all of the people around and tells me that I’m in Heaven, and then says that the people there that I don’t recognize are there because of work that God did through me. Now, we’re not talking about a handful of people, we are talking about a massive amount! I’m a little hesitant, but I’m also excited on the inside because I desperately want God to use me in such a way. Suddenly the mall flashes into a black and white type of look and everyone is gone. The angel tells me that this is what would happen if I had ended my life in the past when I had wanted to. It flashes back right away and she gives me a smile that says “this is our little secret.” Then I see a handsome man signalling me to come over to him, and when I walk over he puts his arm around me. He tells me that he is my husband. I kind of back up, because I’ve never met this man before. He informs me that we are not only married but have kids together. He somehow realizes that I am the past version of myself (which is the current version right now – head hurt yet?), and smiles, telling me that we are going to be married in the past and that we will have wonderful children together.

When I woke up I felt SO at peace! I woke up and fell asleep three times and went back into the dream each time, something that never happens to me, even when I try. I have wanted God to use me to bring people to Him so badly, and have doubted that it would ever happen. I also sometimes have the feeling that I think a lot of us young women experience of, “Will I ever find him and get married, have the family I’ve always wanted?” I recently made a decision to put the relationship part into God’s hands, but that doesn’t entirely kill the doubt that lingers in my mind. I honestly believe that God sent me this beautiful angel to tell me that I will do things for God that will matter and that I will have that family one day.

It was just such an amazing experience that I HAD to share it with you all, because I’m still completely in awe of it. Especially since just this past Sunday our pastor talked about how sometimes we downplay the use of angels by God, and wonder why He doesn’t just appear Himself. My theory here is that we aren’t supposed to know exactly what He looks like until we meet Him in Heaven, and that His beauty is so great that we couldn’t fathom it with our Earthly minds. While angels are also very beautiful, we can understand their beauty, and deliver His messages. I wonder if that lady is one of my guardian angels…Her face lingers in my mind as I attempt to understand the awe of what happened to me. Truth is, though, that my mind will never understand. But my heart, my heart knows exactly what is up.


Book Review: Heartless

I thoroughly enjoyed the 7th book in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. This book kept me on the edge until the very end. It was very hard to force myself to put this book down when I had to complete schoolwork. In fact, I had planned to read from another series after finishing this one, but I just couldn’t wait and so I am now reading the 8th book in the series; “Wanted” and enjoying it just as much (book review to come when finished)! Secrets are┬áreveled that will shock you, and for those of you that watch the show, don’t expect anything like you have seen on TV! My favorite thing about the series is that they have managed to keep the book and show┬áseparate┬áin enough ways that I can totally enjoy both without feeling like anything was spoiled!┬áIf you have enjoyed Pretty Little Liars, the book or show, pick this one up and find yourself emersed!

I give this book a 5 out of 5!

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Book Review: The Clockwork Prince

The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare was a great book, although didn’t quite live up to the first book in the series. Where The Clockwork Angel was fast paced and constantly had me on the edge of my seat, The Clockwork Prince was slow (in my opinion) for about the first half. It literally took me weeks to get through just half of this book. After things started to take off, however, I finished it pretty quickly. There were a lot of twists and turns that I enjoyed, and they are most definitely trudging through to get to!

All in all I would give this book a 3.75/5. It’s so close to being a 4, but I’m just not quite sure. I would certainly recommend reading it if you liked the first, though!

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