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Write Your World: What’s in a Name?

So, the importance of names seems to keep coming up lately, and I thought it was high time that I wrote a post about it! I find names fascinating, and even looked up the meaning of some of my pet’s names before naming them. So, how important is your name really? Well, based on how God has used mine, I’d say very!

Let’s go in order. We’ll start with the worship night we had at church a while back where a friend of some of my friends led worship. When he prophesied over me, he used my name to tell me things about what God sees in me. It was soo cool and something I’d never seen before! He told me that he saw a real teacher calling on me (something I’d always had on my heart) along with seeing that I would be inheriting the blessings of my family (reaping what had been sowed). This is what he did:
K – Kinetic
A – Advancement
T – Teaching
I – Inheritance
E – Enthusiasm

Isn’t that so cool? I love it!

So, now onto the meaning of names. I’d looked up the meanings in the past, but had forgotten my middle and last name meanings. So, when my friend gave his sermon at College Group on Friday and we talked about what our names mean, I looked them up again! Both Kathleen and Katie mean “Pure.” Patricia means “Noble One.” And Gallagher means “Helper.” Somehow, despite knowing what my first name meant, I had never put together how much effort God had put in to make sure it remained true! As you all know, I haven’t always been on this path, and I’ve often thought it was a complete miracle that I remained pure through it all. I knew it was a total God thing. Then, when I remembered the meaning of my name, I realized just how real the importance of our names are!

I’m super excited to look up meanings when I name my kids someday, because I now know that I am sowing that trait into them!

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