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Write Your World: Waiting Purposefully

I’m gonna go ahead and start with these and continue with the rest of my post after! So..

Truth is: God has been speaking to me in lots of different ways lately!
Wanderlust: Thoughts of the future..
Divine Destinies: Seasons, seasons, seasons.
Wishful Thinking: If I had the resources, I would…buy some new jeans.
Thought for Food: “You’re Late Again, Lord” by Karon Phillips Goodman
Eyes & Ears: Anthem Lights – “Where the Light Is”
Artful Expressions: Christmas gifts!
Avon Advantage: Get your order in by 12 noon tomorrow (November 28, 2012) & you will receive a gift w/your order! (Text or Facebook me to make sure I get your order in time!)

So, lots of things have been swirling around in my brain lately. At 23, living at home still and with Avon as my only job, it is easy to start questioning where my life is going. I thought I’d be married by now. Heck, I thought I’d have kids by now! But I don’t. I could easily get very frustrated about that, but God keeps reminding me that He has a plan. So, thanks to His reminders, I gave up NaNoWriMo this year and decided to do some homework. God showed me seven books that He wants me to spend time reading and even had me put them in order. These books will help me draw closer to Him and to who I am in His eyes. They will teach me to wait, what to do while I wait, and prepare me to be the mate that my future husband deserves. I had been trying so hard to wait PATIENTLY (and failing) that I didn’t realize I needed to wait PURPOSEFULLY. It’s much easier to do the latter. When you wait purposefully, your time is not wasted. You learn, you grow, and you find new things! You suddenly forget you’re even waiting at all. But you still have the question to ponder: “What does God want me to do with this time?” Well, as I said, He gave me books to read, and it just so happened to be perfect timing that this happened around Christmas so I can put time into making gifts for my beloved friends. I can worship and do other things to glorify Him, but what about the rest of the time? Well, I found an online site that you can make a small amount of money with, but when I say small, I mean that four days in I have made less than $2. It’s still nice to be making a little money, but it takes barely any time and isn’t exciting stuff. So, what else could I be doing? I had once considered being a part time nanny but it was when I was in school and therefore didn’t really have time for it. Well, recently the topic has come up more than once. After it came up today, I decided to sign up for a free account at I’m contemplating whether I should get a premium account and get some certification to promote my profile and give myself better experience. It is something I will be praying about. I have faith that, if God wants me to be in childcare, He will make it happen. I had to take a step, but now I just have faith in Him and His timing. If nobody requests me then I know it’s because it isn’t what I’m supposed to do.

I know peace now that I have learned to wait on Him purposefully. I can hear Him much clearer now that my prayers are for His will (such as, “Lord, prepare me for my future mate whenever he may come” rather than “Lord, prepare me for a mate and make him get here fast!”). I don’t know what will happen or when, but I’m taking my ques from Him now. Not that I’m perfect, because I’m nowhere near, but it is so helpful to wait with a purpose. I learned a lot from a friend today, too, about waiting. It is easy to spend our waiting time vegging out and doing nothing, especially with addictive personalities (just one more episode, I promise!). I do that all of the time, and so after talking to her about this today, I decided to come home and keep the TV off all afternoon and resisted the call of computer games. I have created my profile, done a little work for MTurk (the online job thing), and had a constant stream of worship music going. Now I’m writing this 🙂 With worship music going, and me singing along at the top of my lungs, at least I know I am doing something productive: I am worshiping our Lord which is NEVER a waste of time. My productive may look like nothing compared to yours, but it is a big change from where I was and I trust in God to continue helping me in this direction.

I’m excited to wait purposefully and to see what God uses that time to do with me now that I’m letting Him!