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Write Your World: Which Way to Go..

For those of you that I am Facebook friends with, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted much lately. I haven’t exactly taken a break from Facebook, as I log in every day and check notifications, but I don’t really scroll through and until today I hadn’t updated my status in over a week. It’s been a mix of being sick and being lazy, to be honest. At least I know I don’t have as much of a Facebook addiction as I thought I did! However, my blog as also suffered the past couple months. I think it is now time to get back to my good old friend here.

I’ve been up since six this morning, something I don’t ever do, so bear with me. I’m not even entirely sure what to write, just that I felt a draw to log into my blog and post. Maybe it’s not so much about what I write as it is about the act of writing in general.

This year off college to focus on my writing has been a bit of a failure thus far, but I still have time to turn that around. I’m in a challenge called The Gumption and if I don’t get my booty into gear by the end of May, I’ll have to give up playing World of Warcraft for a month! To some of you, that may not seem so bad, and I haven’t been playing a ton the last few weeks, but trust me, as soon as I tell myself I can’t, I’ll want to. So, I need to either revisit an old piece of work or get to working on something new, get it polished, and send it off to someone. That is the only way to avoid having to punish myself.

I have decided that I really want to go back to school in the Fall, not for a degree but for the learning experience. I really, really enjoyed college and miss it every day. I can’t wait to go suck up more knowledge. And, even better is, the more I learn the more fuel I have for my writing! So, I have until September to have accomplished something. That is quite a while away, although I know it will go by quickly. I’m determined to prove that my year off of school left me with something noteable. It is that determination that will keep me from failing. So, as I sit here before my computer and all of you, I am going to promise to a minimum of one blog post a week. To those of you that know me in real life, this is a job for you. If you go a week without seeing anything from me, give me a little nudge!

On that note, time to go see what my next chapter has in store!