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Write Your World: Words Create Worlds

Okay okay. I get the message, guys. Get back to writing. Here goes!

Last Friday night at College Group I had some thoughts circulating in my mind, but I never got around to blogging. So, alas it is time to get my thoughts down and out into the world. I can’t take any credit for these thoughts, as they came from God and from the wonderful worship music and Word put together by others. I can simply tell you all what was spoken to me by our Father.

Idea One: Seek => Find => Love
The moment I walked into the once familiar home, I was filled with peace, love, joy, and a desire to draw closer to God. I was reminded that this WAS my home. As we sang, I began to feel more and more of the Presence. Eventually we reached the song that has the lines:

The more I seek you, the more I find you

The more I find you, the more I love you

As I sang along, I pictured the words creating a circle where it continues with “The more I love you, the more I seek you,” because I feel that the more in love with God that we fall, the more we want Him. I had started forgetting this until that night. God knew what He was doing! Such a simple song and yet oh so powerful.

Idea Two: Words Create Worlds

This was the topic of discussion that night. My good friend and our youth pastor spoke on this and we had multiple examples of how true this is. The one that I think impacted us all, and certainly rocked my world, was watching a marriage mend that had been on the brink of falling apart just minutes before. I got goosebumps as we learned that our prayers had been heard and answered. Despite having been a Christian my entire life, my faith can sometimes be lacking in the belief that I am a powerful Warrior of God. I sometimes doubt that I will witness miracles. These are lies and they were broken for me that night. My spiritual family and I partnered our words with God’s good and mighty will to create a world. As a writer, you’d think I would realize just how powerful words can be, but somehow I had overlooked this fact. Not only do my words carry energy and purpose, but they will also partner with either truth or lies, and I want to make sure that I am partnering with God, not the enemy, in what I say! This has truly had a powerful impact on my life in ways that I haven’t even fully experienced yet.

Long story short – God rocked my world that night. I got a glimpse that I had yet to experience. I heard God in new ways. I witnessed things that I never thought I would. I felt God in a way I hadn’t before. My love, desire, and faith reached a new height that night and I can’t wait to see what God has in store next!

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