Beyond the Blank Page

My Journey to Telling the Untold

Works of Fiction: Chapter Five

on August 23, 2013

The next morning found Jade regretting how much she had to drink the previous night. She was never going to drink again, she told herself. If only it were really that simple to leave the lifestyle she had just embarked upon behind.

She hurried to the shower, letting the hot water erase every ache and pain as she attempted to hold her sick stomach at bay. She stood there, under the water, until it began to grow cold. When she finally couldn’t take it anymore, she stepped out carefully and took her time getting ready.

She was not looking forward to facing her mom today. Sure, part of her felt like she could do whatever she liked without worrying what her mother thought, but part of her felt that fear that all children feel when they know they’ve disappointed their parent. No matter how many times she tried to push that behind her new found “bravery,” she just couldn’t.

She peaked around into the hallway, and when she didn’t see anyone, she stepped quietly out of the bathroom. “Oh, hello there,” her mother’s voice stopped her in her tracks, “How nice of you to join me for breakfast this beautiful morning. Or, rather lunch, as you slept right through breakfast.”

She bowed her head, avoiding eye contact, but when she finally looked up she didn’t find an angry look on her mother’s face. In fact, her mother was smiling at her, a slightly sad look behind her eyes. She didn’t appear to be upset, and Jade silently chastised herself for forgetting that her mother wasn’t the yelling type. She was the “hold it in until she cried” type, and that broke Jade’s heart a little.

“Yeah,” she hesitated, knowing her mother knew the truth but not willing to speak it, “I was up late.”

Her mother simply nodded and walked into the kitchen, “What would you like this afternoon to eat?”

“I’m not hungry,” Jade’s stomach made an unpleasant noise, “Just some coffee, please.”

Her mother gave her a sympathetic look that she knew she didn’t deserve, “You have to eat something, Sweetie. Here, I’ll make you some toast while the coffee finishes up.”

The twinge of guilt that Jade had been feeling continued to grow. Her mother had always been there for her, no matter how many wrong turns she made. She knew this time had been the worst, but she had this feeling deep inside that it wouldn’t be for long.


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