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Faith Dare: Day One

Okay guys, new category in my blog! YAY! Anyway, Faith Dare is a devotional book that I started reading six days ago when a friend recommended it. It is a great book that includes three main parts: Prayer/praise, Truth, and Dare. It’s like playing Truth or Dare with God in a way. So, you’re probably wondering why I’m still on Day One if I started six days ago. Well, even the author says that some days may take more than just one day to complete. The first dare was to let God replace your heart with a new, perfect one. This is tough, guys. It sounds easy and amazing, but it’s really hard. It’s even harder than just giving your baggage to God, because your heart contains so much more than just one thing of baggage. So, needless to say, it has taken me six days to get the fullness of the situation. I went into it actually feeling excited for the challenges that I knew would come against me. Well, I certainly found some along the way..

While the first four days did find me facing challenges, it wasn’t until yesterday that I truly faced a challenge that gave me a hard time in giving it all to God. I had a panic attack, far away from home, in my car. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t drive. And no one was there to take the wheel for me. I can’t even explain how terrifying this was for me. I was mad at God for letting this happen. I even thought I hated Him for a few minutes. I sat and bawled, people staring at me. Finally, after encouraging words from my mom and a blaring radio to distract me, I got back on the freeway and drove a little ways. All of the panic and lack of food all day ended with me being really sick and unable to get any closer to home than the mall, where my aunt had to drive my mom to come drive the rest of the way home. The point of sharing this potentially embarrassing story is that I hadn’t had a panic attack like this since I was really young. I hadn’t been trapped far away from home without a way to get back in a long time, either. These things terrified me and made me really want to blame God. There was a moment in my short drive to the mall where something switched inside of me and I started thanking God and begging Him to forgive me. I know this doesn’t by any means mean I’m perfect or that I’ll never experience difficulty again, but it was one of the first times that I had nobody but God in the car with me to keep me safe. I had to fully trust in that, and I did. And hey, guess what, He DID keep me safe.

So, now I am on to Day Two. I will share those experiences with you within the next few days! Until next time: Do a reality check. How much time, effort, thought, and love are you giving to God? How much are you giving to things that, in the long run, aren’t that important? It’s a reality check I needed, and to be honest, still do. Give it some thought!

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